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Reviews on Tankless, Gas/Propane, Hybrid & Electric Water Heaters

Real water heater reviews is a website dedicated to just what the title states. Real water heater reviews by a real licensed plumber, designed to give you help in picking out the water heater that will work best in your situation. My name is Patrick, and I have been in the plumbing industry since 1995 in one form or another. I have done the plumbing for water treatment systems, restaurants, large custom homes and remodels and renovations. I have owned and worked for service based plumbing companies as well as companies that focus on the construction and of the industry and this is given me a wide range of experience in dealing with water heaters of all types. The main reason that I thought this site might be helpful and honestly, potentially profitable for me as well is the consumer is that most of the review sites that I see online today use content generated by people who have no actual experience in the industry that they are writing about, which in my opinion is just wrong. All of my articles will be about water heaters and water heater companies that I have personally installed and done business with on a regular basis.
My reviews will contain my personal rating system based on my experience with that water heater or the company that makes it and the other reviews that I find online that speak to the particular water heater in question. As somebody who installs water heaters on a weekly if not daily basis I am able to spot bad reviews as well as the ones that really have merit and combine them with my personal opinion to make a very accurate overall rating. In each review I will also highlight the benefits and features of each water heater letting you know the important points about each one so that you can decide on the best purchased possible for you and your family. I categorize the pages on the site according to the most popular categories of water heater. We have reviews on tankless water heaters, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, propane water heaters and hybrid water heaters. This is a very comprehensive list of the water heaters that are available for purchase today. The other thing that you will notice about real water heater is that the language used is very basic and understandable. This is because I am not here to win awards for pros or correct grammar although I do try to write in a fairly respectable manner. This website is here to give you information on water heaters, not for me to win awards on the technical merits of my writing skills! So please use all the resources that I provide for you here on the site and let me help you save some money and get a quality water heater that will serve your needs in the most efficient manner possible. Happy reading!
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The Supergreen IR8000 Infrared...

The Supergreen IR8000 Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater is Revolutionizing the Tankless Water Heater Industry!

  Supergreen tankless water heaters are going to revolutionize the electric tankless water heater market in the United States! Mark my words, if this company out of Clearwater Florida is capitalized and organized correctly, I believe they will change the way people look at tankless hot water heating! I recently installed a Supergreen USA IR 8000 infrared electric tankless water heater in a friends house, and not only is it better than most electric tankless water heaters on the market it solves a lot of the problem of the amount of power that is necessary to run an electric tankless due to the amount of amperage that is usually needed. Let‘s look at the specifications, features, and benefits of the super green IR 8000 electric tankless water heater. The main difference between this infrared electric tankless water heater and a normal electric tankless water heater is that they are using a completely different system to heat the water. A normal electric tankless water heater and the infrared electric both use electricity to heat the water, but the electric tankless uses...Read More

The Rheem Marathon MR50245 Tal...

The Rheem Marathon MR50245 Tall Electric High Efficiency Water Heater:  The Last Water Heater You May Ever Own!

  So I was in a house the other day replacing a toilet and I went down into the basement to shut off their water is the water supply for the toilet is not operational and lo and behold I saw they water heater that I have never installed personally before but have seen in the supply house. This was a 50 gallon ream marathon electric hot water heater! I have wanted to install one for as long as I have known about them but because they do cost a bit more than other electric water heaters not many people purchase them so I was really happy to be a look talk to the homeowner about his experience with this water heater and just how much he loved. Let me describe benefits and features this water heater and why I would recommend it to anybody who just wants to stick with an electric textile water heater.   Features: – high efficiency. This unit has 2 1/2 to 3 inches of polyurethane foam insulation surrounding the tank which allows only lose 5° temperature in 24 hours! – The energy rating on this is .95% which is credible for a textile water heater and probably is owing to the...Read More

The HTP RGH-199 High Efficienc...

The HTP RGH-199 High Efficiency Crossover Hybrid Water Heater- Revolutionizing Water and Space Heating Technology!

  Folks I decided to do a quick review of the HTP RGH – 199 high-efficiency crossover hybrid water heater because I believe that this type of appliance is a game changer in the water heating and space heating market! I have never really thought much about HTP products because they are mainly marketed to commercial plumbers and I’m a residential plumber but I happened upon this hybrid water heater while looking for products to fulfill a need and I’m going to be buying one of these very soon. The gist of this product is that it looks like a Noritz, Westinghouse, or American Standard tankless water heater from the outside, but on the inside it actually has a 3.5 gallon tank heat exchanger that basically combines the best of tankless and tank water heater designs into a product that could revolutionize the water heater industry! Let’s take a look at the HTP RGH 199 in some detail. Best of both worlds: This crossover hybrid water heater is designed to be hung on the wall like a tankless heater so it takes up much less space than a normal  water heater. However...Read More