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The HTP RGH-199 High Efficiency Crossover Hybrid Water Heater- Revolutionizing Water and Space Heating Technology!

The HTP RGH-199 High Efficiency Crossover Hybrid Water Heater- Revolutionizing Water and Space Heating Technology!


Folks I decided to do a quick review of the HTP RGH – 199 high-efficiency crossover hybrid water heater because I believe that this type of appliance is a game changer in the water heating and space heating market! I have never really thought much about HTP products because they are mainly marketed to commercial plumbers and I’m a residential plumber but I happened upon this hybrid water heater while looking for products to fulfill a need and I’m going to be buying one of these very soon. The gist of this product is that it looks like a Noritz, Westinghouse, or American Standard tankless water heater from the outside, but on the inside it actually has a 3.5 gallon tank heat exchanger that basically combines the best of tankless and tank water heater designs into a product that could revolutionize the water heater industry! Let’s take a look at the HTP RGH 199 in some detail.

Best of both worlds:

This crossover hybrid water heater is designed to be hung on the wall like a tankless heater so it takes up much less space than a normal  water heater. However inside of the heater, instead of the normal tankless heat exchangers that do not store very much water there is a new style heat exchanger that is also a tank that holds 3.5 gallons of water that is always hot. The reason I say this is the best of both worlds is because it resolves some of the problems that we have with tank water heaters and their inefficiency; while also addressing the problems that we have with tankless water heaters when it comes to to hot water sandwiching and the time it takes for the hot water to actually get to the faucet. This is done with the use of this 3.5 gallon tank/heat exchanger and a few other features that are included in this crossover hybrid. So what you really get, is in fact the best of both worlds! Performance and efficiency in a small but powerful package. Here are the features and benefits of this hybrid crossover.


– durable 3.5 gallon fire tube heat exchanger made out of 316 L stainless steel

– available in either liquid propane or natural gas versions

– advanced modulating burner control with 10 to 1 turn down ratio

– built-in re-circulation pump

– ability to be combined with an air handler for space heating

– built-in gas and water leak detectors

– 96.5% thermal efficiency

– endless hot water, never runs out


Here is a representation of the inside of the heater:



– when this unit is combined with an air handler you can use it to heat domestic hot water and you can use it as a furnace

– because there is a 3.5 gallon tank full of water in this unit you do not have to wait for it to fire up and heat the water so there is

no lag between turning on your faucet and receiving hot water

– with a built-in re-circulation pump that has three settings, pulse, Smart auto, and timer sequence, combined with the 3.5 gallon tank

you will never have the hot water sandwich and the wait for hot water is associated with tankless water heaters

– a benefit not mentioned except in the installation manual is that you can combine this unit with a heat exchange valve that you can obtain at most plumbing supply stores to use in conjunction         with the built-in re-circulation pump. This allows you to use your cold water main supply line as the return loop for the water heater without having to run a return loop yourself.

– Eco-friendly low NOX combustion system that puts out almost no carbon footprint

– easy exhaust and intake venting using PVC pipe instead of expensive metal piping systems makes install much easier

– 12 year warranty on the heat exchanger and five year warranty on all parts when used in a residential setting

– zero flow activation technology which unlike tankless water heaters allows you to use this unit with less than .50 gallons per minute

of water flow

– easy to read digital control panel allowing complete control of the system on the front of the unit


So let’s discuss very quickly what always features and benefits mean to the homeowner and to the plumber that is installing this unit. This unit combines the efficiency of a tankless water heater with the storage benefits of a regular water heater. You already have hot water preheated when you need it see you don’t have to wait for it but it’s such a tiny amount and in done in such an efficient manner that the monetary savings are incredible. You have a re-circulation pump that is capable of learning your habits and what times a day you use hot water so that it doesn’t have to run all the time. It actually anticipates when you will use hot water and that in itself is a huge game changer. For the plumber that is installing this unit you get all the benefits of a tankless heater but it’s even easier than most on the market. The venting material that can be used is just standard schedule 40 PVC instead of proprietary stainless steel venting systems like most tankless water heaters use. That makes it very exciting for the plumber since he does not have to upset his client by telling them that oh by the way we have to go spend more money on an expensive venting system. So as you can see with all the eco-friendly advantages, all the ease of installation, and the fact that you have the best features of a tank and best features of a tankless water heater all combined we really are coming to a point that is going to revolutionize the way we heat our water and our homes.

Like normal I am going to give this water heater a star rating but in this case there are no reviews on Amazon for me to compare to and I have actually not installed one myself yet. What I did do was get in contact with a few of my plumber friends that have installed HTP products in commercial settings to find out is this a quality company that make good products. All of them felt that HTP was a good company, their products were meant to handle high demand and usually were very reliable. Based on that fact I’m going to give the HTP RGH 199 a star rating of 4.5stars. After I have experimented with this unit myself and see what it can do I will come back update this review and give it my absolute final rating. Until then I really do not think there is any reason not to go ahead and take a chance on this revolutionary new water heater. Thanks again for reading my reviews and I look forward to putting out more in the future and giving you the knowledge you need to educate yourself on which water heater may be right for you. Have a great day.

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