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The Supergreen IR8000 Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater is Revolutionizing the Tankless Water Heater Industry!

The Supergreen IR8000 Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater is Revolutionizing the Tankless Water Heater Industry!


Supergreen tankless water heaters are going to revolutionize the electric tankless water heater market in the United States! Mark my words, if this company out of Clearwater Florida is capitalized and organized correctly, I believe they will change the way people look at tankless hot water heating! I recently installed a Supergreen USA IR 8000 infrared electric tankless water heater in a friends house, and not only is it better than most electric tankless water heaters on the market it solves a lot of the problem of the amount of power that is necessary to run an electric tankless due to the amount of amperage that is usually needed. Lets look at the specifications, features, and benefits of the super green IR 8000 electric tankless water heater.

The main difference between this infrared electric tankless water heater and a normal electric tankless water heater is that they are using a completely different system to heat the water. A normal electric tankless water heater and the infrared electric both use electricity to heat the water, but the electric tankless uses an element and the infrared electric tankless uses a tube that is not metal, but instead is surrounded by infrared heat emitters. When we talk about infrared heat, in a nutshell we are referring to the type of heat that is produced by the sun. The heat put out by these infrared tubes is in some of the same wavelength as rays from the sun so they actually heat the water in a completely different way than a normal water heater element. In fact what the infrared in matters do this in some way actually activate the water molecule, changing it to make it hot and when it does so it makes the water much less likely to leave any calcification or residue inside the actual heating tubes. The other thing is that the water is actually heated faster because you are heating the actual water molecules themselves with the same type of energy that is found coming from the sun. I know that’s not a scientific explanation in and of itself, but I’m not a scientist. I’m just going by the documentation that I have found on super greens website, and trying to explain it to you in a simple manner that helps you get the picture, without going into scientific jargon that I am not qualified to use. The other really big difference that using infrared heat provides is that we do not need as much power as a normal electric tankless heater. Most of the other whole house electric tankless water heaters on the market need 120 to 160 Amps to actually heat the water enough to provide hot water for a whole house. The IR 8000 only needs 80 Amps, which is imminently more doable for most consumers because you can usually find the four single slots necessary in your electrical panel to accommodate that much electrical need. So what you get is an electric tankless water heater, that uses energy similar to the heat that you feel from the rays of the sun, to heat your water quickly and efficiently while using less power than a normal electric tankless water heater! So let’s look at the features of this heater in a little more depth.

– Made In the USA:  These units are produced in Clearwater/St. Pete Florida!

– Modular construction: this is kind of my own term to represent what I found when I pulled the cover off of the IR 8000. Unlike in most tankless water heaters what I found upon looking inside the unit was a very organized and clean design that used what I can only describe to be blocks. These blocks looked to be easily replaceable and were very clean in appearance. There were two infrared heat emitters that were housed in what looked to be easily replaceable modules and on the other side of the heater there look to be computer boards and diagnostic units in easily accessible places. All in all this was the most cleanly designed tankless water heater that I have ever looked at and from the looks of it it would be very easy to replace these modules in the event of a system failure.

– 99% thermal efficiency: due to the fact that this unit uses infrared heat and there are no elements involved, the thermal efficiency percentage is 98 to 99% efficient. You are losing almost nothing in the exchange of electricity to heat. This is unmatched in the water heating industry today!

– Self-cleaning design: since there is no metal coming in contact with the water, just the tubes that the water runs through between the infrared emitting material, there is no corrosion, buildup of water deposits or anything else inside the heater that would need to be cleaned or refurbished to continue getting 100% performance.

– Fully modulating power control: what this means is that you do not use all of the amps to heat just a little bit of water. The modulating control senses through the flow indicator how much water is needed and only uses enough power to heat that amount of water so you do not waste energy.

– LED temperature and flow indicators: these give you easy access to see exactly what is going on with your water heater at any certain time.

So what are all the benefits of the features and specifications that we have covered? The benefit is that you do not need propane or natural gas. The benefit of this unit is that you need less available electricity from your panel and you can still have a whole house electric tankless water heater. The biggest benefit is that you are using the power of infrared heat to give you hot water at about 40% less the cost of a normal electric tankless heater, which are already more efficient than your standard tank style water heater. And you are doing it with the unit that is easier to install, easier to maintain, and cheaper to run than any tankless water heater that has been put on the market up to this point. You will also pay less money to have it installed because it does not need as much electrical wiring and the plumbing is really quite easy when compared to doing an installation of a gas tankless water heater. Another benefit is that because no water is coming in contact with any type of heating element and the water is activated at a molecular level by the infrared energy this water heater should last you for much longer than any water heaters you have purchased before.

As always when I do a review I like to give my own rating on a product based on my individual experience with that water heater combined with the rating that is given on Amazon so that you can have a good perspective on what you can expect from the heater in question. This water heater has a 4.2 star rating on Amazon and I having only installed one of them really like this heater but as of only installed one of them I have to kind of combined my opinion and the opinion of the customers on Amazon to form my rating. My experience with this unit was very positive. It was one of the easiest water heaters I have ever installed and the performance was fantastic. My friend was able to run his bathtub on full and his kitchen sink on full at the same time with no lack of performance in either location. Due to the fact that I’ve only installed one of these heaters and the 4.2 star rating on Amazon I am going to give this water heater a 4.5 star rating. I am set to install another of these heaters in a week or two for another family friend and after doing so I may revise my rating up or down depending on whether the performance and the unit perform the same as the one I just installed. I think based on the customer reviews on Amazon, when there have been problems either in shipping or with the performance of the machine this company treats its customers very well and addresses any problems that may arise very quickly and takes care of the customer quite well. I have no reservation and telling you that I believe you should give this water heater a try if you’re looking for an electric tankless and you have 80 Amps open in your panel.

Thanks again for reading this review and as always we will leave a link to this page on Amazon where you can go and check out the heater and if you so decide you can order that heater and have it shipped directly to you from Amazon. I do get a commission if you buy one of these water heater through my link. It does not cost you any more the commission comes to me from Amazon kind of in recognition of my original content and directing people to their website. So take a look at my article I go to Amazon and check this unit out you will not be disappointed! I hope I have helped give you an idea or two about what water heater might be right for you, and we’ll see you next review.

My Rating:

Amazon Rating:  4.2 Stars

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